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At 023 we have seen many times how creativity and experience combined together can make the impossible possible.


In this post we want to share with you a case that set the bar very high for us and that now makes us feel very proud.


Hewlett Packard, one of our best clients, commissioned us a video for the presentation of “HP Wall Art”, a new computer software that allows you to design and personalize large format printing for wall covering in a very simple, intuitive and effective way.


To explain what it is and how this software works wasn’t really that difficult except for a small detail our client wanted: we need a video that makes you say “wow”.


For those of us that work in media we know how difficult it is to get that sight of admiration from the public. But in this case it was even more difficult: the product was as inspirational and emotional as a computer software could be. The budget was tight. The filming time even more. And because it was going to be launched “worldwide” the video production couldn’t make an easy use of a voice over or on screen titles.


Once more, the solution was to collaborate with a team of professionals who put all their creativity, professionalism and originality to build a story that would turn a computer software into quite an experience.


The creative idea was to show how decoration can bring life and radically change our experience of a specific environment, turning a modest clothing store into a fashion boutique, a cold and gloomy bar into a modern, cosmopolitan restaurant, a children’s room without charm into a beautiful room where the only limit is the imagination. As if she was in the software, our protagonist experiences with all the possibilities the printer can offer, changing backgrounds, images, respecting the window’s and door’s space in the room. Creating a customized collage of drawings without any effort.


We only had one shooting (and what a day!). And was entirely done on a green screen. All spaces, furniture, transitions and effects are 3D generated graphics added in postproduction. In the making of this production you will see the amount of professionals who have contributed to build this magical world where everything is possible. To all of them, our most sincere “wow”!



HP managers loved the final result. The challenge that seemed impossible was achieved by far, and since we delivered the project, they have informed us about the great impact and repercussion it is having in HP’s social media.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the link. Enjoy!



Director: David Guitérrez

Creative Director: David Puig

Executive Producer: Nick Hall

Producer: Laia Rollan

Script: Sara Aguareles

CGI: Gayarre Infografía

Postproduccion 2D: Òscar Nofre, Belén Ortega and David Mir

Edition: David Sagarra

DOP: Xavi Garriga

Original Sound Track: Jordi Dalmau

Cast: Michelle Barrios and Benjamin Nathan-Serio