HP partners with 023 for the worldwide launch of their first 3D printer

HP partners with 023 for the worldwide launch of their first 3D printer

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On 17th May, at RAPID, the worldwide conference of 3D printing in Orlando, Florida, HP presented their first line of 3D printers, and a family of 3D printing solutions to revolutionise the design and manufacturing industries.




The ever-growing 3D printing market has been waiting months for the announcement from the technological giants, in full knowledge that HP’s venture could change the rules of the game.


Once again, HP entrusted 023 Content & Media with the task of organising a presentation space that met the market’s high expectations.




The objective: to create a 20-minute experience for a small group of people that would be repeated several times a day throughout the 3-day conference.


The content of these 20 minutes had to offer all the relevant information about the new products, and present HP’s business strategy for the future, all contained within a compact, quick-moving and dynamic experience that would capture the audience from the very beginning, and create peaks of emotion at key moments.




To achieve this, 023 organised a team of scriptwriters, art directors, 3D designers, post-production specialists, and sound and video engineers to create a powerful experience capable of awakening and maintaining the interest of the audience, and sparking a word-of-mouth effect that would attract more conference-goers to the presentation space.


Starting from a graphic concept centred on the ‘voxel’ (a key element of HP’s patented 3D printing technology), we spun a visual discourse and narrative that took the viewer on an immersive journey through the products and processes of the technology, with 3D animations playing out across an impressive 9-meter LED screen. In front of the screen and supported by visual animations, various presenters set forth the key aspects of the new technology, periodically giving way at moments when the video took centre stage to maintain the inspirational and thrilling tone of the show.




This project has been an intense and against-the-clock undertaking, the fruits of which were finally shown in the huge numbers that attended: by the first morning, rumour of the experience had spread, and tickets for each showing during the conference had sold out.


Now back in Barcelona, it remains for us to thank the whole HP team for their trust and close collaboration in projects such as this, each one more exciting than the next.