SEAT and 023 at the Paris Motor Show  Today you can be a racing driver

SEAT and 023 at the Paris Motor Show Today you can be a racing driver

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These days at 023 the rewards of many efforts are being reaped for the energy we dedicate to each project comes back to us highly increased when we see the positive effects and the emotions that these bring out in our target audience.


The Paris Motor Show 2014 is held from 4th October to 19th October; it is one of the most important automobile shows in Europe. This year there are 9 pavilions, with a total of more than 96000 sq. m/ 1 033 335.4 sq. ft. exhibition area. In this context SEAT wanted to present its last car models with the collaboration of 023 to provide a stunning, immersive experience which stood out among the offer of this big show. With this challenge ahead of us we created an OCULUS technology- based project.


The OCULUS system provides a 360 º image; with a pair of glasses that have motion sensors one can walk around the room and see all the area by looking at any point. The system to record a 360º view provides a unique feeling of immersion.


But just one technology cannot create an experience: a content that could really trigger the emotion and provided the feeling of driving to the person that was going to wear the glasses was needed. And this is why we moved a team of 8 people to the famous Nürburgring motor speedway and we filmed a SEAT León CUPRA running at full speed.
We used twelve synchronized cameras which were located in different parts of the car.


Now we can enjoy the long-awaited video production and the visitors at the Paris Motor Show can live the experience of being inside the SEAT León CUPRA while running on the German racetrack and, if they want, they can also sit on it to experience the feeling of speed.


The experience of producing and filming was enriching and thrilling for all of us, but the final outcome has been even more spectacular. We only need to see the Paris Motor Show visitors’ images to realize the effect it has on them. Here you have some.